Friday, May 17, 2013

Online Publisher Will Publish Your College Papers, Commission Offered*

College and graduate students and professional writers are encouraged to submit academic papers and other writings to the online publisher Oboulo is accepting submissions on a wide range of topics including:

-math and sciences
-law and legal documents
-book reviews and reports
-application essays for college and graduate school
-PowerPoint presentations
-cover letters
-other business-type writings
-and many more

Most of these documents should be submitted in Arial 12-point font and should include a works-cited page.

Writers may sign up online at to submit and publish your documents.

By entering the ambassador number b12094 upon signup, contributors will receive a payment of 60% UNLIMITED commission per document sold (instead of 50%).

Unlimited 60% commission means that you will earn money each time your document is purchased for viewing, for the life of the Oboulo company.

Without the Ambassador Number, contributors will receive 50% commission per document purchased for viewing.

Payments will be made directly to your PayPal account.

Signup Instructions:

At the website, look to the top center of the page and select "New user." After you have signed up, enter the Ambassador Number b12094, and then follow the on-screen instructions to upload your documents.
You will see your payment rate change from 50% to 60% per sale.

Upload your files in nearly any format: Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Zip are preferred.

Each file will be reviewed. For each document sold, Oboulo will send you cash via PayPal.

Questions? Email me at

Please leave a comment below. Describe your experience for any visitors who are skeptical about this opportunity. Did you make money doing this? How and why? Did you not make any money? How and why? If you did make money, how long did it take for the funds to post to your PayPal account? Please be as detailed as possible.

And please share this blog with friends, colleagues, and classmates. Copy and paste

*There is no guarantee that submitters will earn money; commission is contingent upon viewings.

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  1. I just uploaded 5 articles,4 selected by oboulo..
    But my paypal a/c has not been updated

  2. Geet, your payment might take up to 2 weeks to post to PayPal, but it shouldn't take any longer than that. If it does take longer, you should contact Oboulo's customer support.

    Have you been paid yet?


  3. I just discovered this site and I have some college papers which were classified as top secret by the US DoD - i.e. used in some weapons systems research. Are there restrictions to whether I can piublish this? Given that this is a post 9/11 world, it might get "digitally redacted".

  4. I´m no authority on this topic. I imagine you´d have to check with the government.

    That said, Oboulo does publish redacted documents, including several of mine that I redacted for personal privacy.

  5. how can i sell the papers on this site...plzzz give me such suggestions

  6. Thanks for your question.

    You cannot sell papers on this site, only on My blog post above explains how to do that.

    I hope this answers your question.

  7. I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.

  8. looks quite a great post, it's having good information for research analysis. great job

  9. During reading your blog i just remembered my Final year thesis writing, great article written you dude, thakns for sharing such a nice blog, keep more post dude.
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    I submitted my paper under the impression that I'd be getting $10 per accepted paper. I submitted 13 papers and I'm getting NOTHING for it.

  11. It's true that Oboulo no longer pays the flat fee and is only paying royalties at this time. I will post here if that changes.

    Apologies. I was unaware and hadn't updated the blog in several months.

  12. Does oboulo still pay $10 per article accepted? I'm new to the site and I want to know what I'm getting into before I send anything. :)

    (elliecabe AT yahoo DOT com)


  13. @Anonymous, unfortunately, no. They are only paying the 60% per sale at this time. But 60% unlimited royalties on papers that run $4 to $20 is pretty good, I think--for papers you'd otherwise throw away or stash in a drawer forever, anyway.

  14. Although I find this blog interesting when it comes to research, I wonder if it is actually ok to sell your papers...just wondering. Sometimes what I do is find on essay writing reviews good writers that can help with quality essays, but I wonder which could be better to use.

    1. Susanna,

      Writers own the copyright to their own writing. As far as I know, writers are free to publish their own writing when they hold the copyright. While it is wrong for someone else to steal that writing and present it as their own, I don't think publishing your own writing can be considered wrong.