Sunday, February 26, 2012

Papers I Have Published

A number of you have asked what kind of papers the publisher is looking for. The following is a list of my papers as examples. All of these papers have been published by, and I have received $10 plus additional revenues for each via Click on any paper to view it.

-"Cover Letter for a Job as an Editor"
-"Catastrophe & Image, International Post-Modern Fiction"
-"Towards New Grand Narratives in Postmodern Fiction"
-"Power and Difference: A Derrida & Foucault Encounter"
-"Keeping the Masses in Line: Critical Studies of Media, Propaganda, & Normalization"
-"Some Narratological Moves & Their Effect in End of Alice"
-"Failure of Religion in Moby Dick"
-"A Demon in Shakespeare’s Hamlet"
-"American Psycho’s Killer Gaze"
-"American Culture & Code: Technology, Reinforcement, Mass Perception in DeLillo’s White Noise"
-"Ambivalence & Photography, Resistance & Exchange in Edward Said’s After the Last Sky"
-"Marx’s Concept of Class Struggle in Zola’s Germinal"
-"Masculine Prescribers: Assignations for Women in Daisy Miller & 'The Yellow Wall-Paper' "
-"The Politics of Liberty"
-"The Politics of Reticence and Paralysis"
-"Examination of the Pre–Revolutionary War Pamphlet 'The Alarm. Number V' "
-"A Fever and Fervor in John Donne’s Elegy"
-"On Contemporary American Literature & Subversions of the Canon"
-"Sustainable Agriculture: Achieving Food Reform"
-"Successful Admission Essay to a Graduate Program"
-"Sample Cover Letter for a Summer Job"
-"Graduate Student Résumé"

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